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Natural Health Associates

The Natural Health Associate concept is the key to our expansion into new areas and greater expansion in our current operating area of Southern California. We are not limited to a certain number of Associates in any one area. In fact, the more Associates we have in one area, the more of an impact we can have. Therefore, we are actively seeking new Associates for the Southern California area as well as other areas throughout the country.

Any person of any age from 18 to 118, who is seriously interested in improving his or her health, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), helping others do the same, and earning money at the same time, can become a Natural Health Associate.

A person’s educational background could be of any level - from a high school diploma to advanced degrees. A person’s business or sales background could be from none to extensive. There must however, be a very strong desire to learn, to improve, to succeed, and to help create a better world.

Important qualities such as self-discipline, patience, perserverance, focus and inner strength can be learned and are taught in our program. Information about diet, nutrition and natural health concepts is provided in our program. So a person’s current diet and state of health are not a requirement for success. Someone who follows a standard American diet will, through becoming a Natural Health Associate, learn to change to a healthful vegan diet and achieve optimum health as well as success in our business program. A person already following a vegan diet can learn much about diet, nutrition and related topics, especially if he or she is following a vegan diet for moral or philosophical reasons.

Communication skills and public speaking skills can also be learned through our program. A Natural Health Associate markets and promotes our dinner seminars, a vegan diet, natural health concepts and practitioners, retail stores, national manufacturers, organic dehydrated wheat grass and earns income doing so under our  compensation plan.

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