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Business Promotion Program
Our Promotional Program for Natural Health and Holistic Practitioners, Yoga Centers,
Retail Stores and National Food & Product Manufacturers and Suppliers

For natural health professionals and holistic practitioners, such as doctors, iridologists, energy healers, hypnotherapists, yoga centers, colon hydrotherapists, etc. and retail and metaphysical stores we have an extensive marketing and promotional program. We can advertise and promote those businesses along with our regular marketing activities.

Our marketing and promotional activities consist of newspaper and magazine advertising, rentals of booths and tables at health fairs, health expos and other events, farmers' markets and placement of flyers in many different locations. As our network of Natural Health Associates grows, our marketing efforts grow. Natural health professionals and retail stores are promoted in their marketing area. National manufacturers are promoted through all of our activities in all of the areas where we operate. We provide the most cost effective type of advertising available.

Our Business Member Marketing and Promotional Program is ideal for natural health and holistic professionals as well as retail stores. Obtaining new clients, patients or customers many times is a matter of trust and confidence in the minds of the prospective clients, patients and customers. The fact that the Natural Health Group is recommending the professional, practitioner or store in our Holistic Directories of Natural Health Professionals, Businesses and Products, at our dinner seminars and health fairs, shows, expos and other events, in itself creates trust and confidence in the prospect.

Hearing the professional, practitioner or business owner being promoted continuously at our dinner and luncheon seminars cements that trust and confidence. Experiencing a presentation by the practitioner, professional or business owner, should then cause the prospect to take action and make an appointment. Since the marketing and promotion is done locally, customers, clients and patients live locally where the chances of repeat visits are high.

Since our marketing system for Business Members is extremely effective and the cost of the program for one year is equal to the cost of one display ad for one month in an alternative or holistic publication, this is a very good marketing opportunity.

Because marketing and promotion efforts are done through local Natural Health Associates, a national food manufacturer or retailer can also benefit by advertising in all of our local 
Holistic Directories of Natural Health Professionals, Businesses and Products and be promoted in all the areas where we operate. Our introductory annual cost is extremely low, making this program a great opportunity for national manufacturers or retailers.

Join the Natural Health Group Business Promotion Program Now
1 Year, Paid in Advance - $750 yr.
1 Year, Paid Monthly - $75 mo.
(first and last month paid now, you will be invoiced for subsequent months)
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