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Reaching Your Ideal Weight
Can Be Fun and Last Forever

Have you tried in the past to lose weight and found that you would lose a few pounds and then the weight eventually comes back?  If that is the case, you are not alone.  Not only are more than 60% of Americans overweight, but many of them have tried to lose weight – unsuccessfully.  It doesn't matter what weight loss program or product people try – whether it's Jenny Craig, Lindora Medical Clinics, WeightWatchers™, OptiFast, SlimFast™, Fat Burners, Fat Blocking Products or Appetite Suppressants – None of them works permanently.  Why?  Very simply because the theory behind all weight loss programs and products is flawed.  Everyone including so-called "experts", medical doctors and health professionals, believes that  the way to lose weight is to eat less or to cut portion sizes or to count and reduce calories.  Unfortunately for those people trying to lose weight, but fortunately for companies that sell weight loss programs or products,virtually everyone has missed THE REAL ISSUE...  
The ISSUE is NOT how much food people eat or how many calories they consume or how much fat they burn, but  What Kind of Food They Eat!

When people who are overweight, or just want to lose a few pounds learn what kind of food they should be eating  in order to reach and stay at their optimum weight, they can literally eat as much food as they want, have delicious, tasty, large and exciting meals
– and lose weight.  Most importantly, they will stay at their optimum weight level and never gain weight again – as long as they don't go back to their old way of eating.  Not only do people lose weight on our program, they look great, feel great, and literally change their lives for the better in just a few weeks.  Our program teaches people what kind of food to eat (among other things) and is Absolutely Guaranteed to Work!
as long as it is followed.

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