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Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass
John McDougall, M.D., Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and T. Colin Campbell, PhD have proven that food, and food alone, a healthful vegan diet, will prevent or reverse virtually all health problems. In their books they provide charts and information showing that protein, iron, calcium and other nutrients required by the human body are abundantly supplied in a healthful vegan diet. However, many people, especially those just beginning their transition to a healthful diet and lifestyle have nagging doubts about obtaining sufficient nutrition from a vegan diet.

Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass has been called the only food source that provides all the nutrition that humans need in their diet. Scientific studies done in the 1930's and 1940's show the very high content of nutrients in Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass. Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass is grown in fields and is at its highest point of nutrition in its growing stage before its fruit (the wheat kernel) grows. Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass is high in calcium, iron, protein and other nutrients required by humans, even vitamin B-12. The blades of wheat grass are cut and dried at low temperature to preserve the nutrients and living enzymes.

We purchase the Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass from the top producers in the country, have it packaged  and provide it to our members and attendees so that they can be assured they are obtaining optimum nutrition with their new diet. The Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass, which is the whole leaf, not the wheat grass that is grown indoors in trays and can be obtained as juice at juice bars and health food stores, is very potent nutritionally. The juice is used for cleansing and detoxifying purposes.

Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass is not only nutritionally very important but mildly cleansing. Additionally, taking 3 or 4 teaspoons of Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass every day by mixing it in water, juice or smoothies, is an important step to maintaining self discipline and staying on a healthful diet along with receiving the benefit of an enhanced immune system, an alkaline pH, an infusion of valuable chlorophyll, and increased energy.

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