Kombucha 2000 Beverages

distributed in Southern California by the

Natural Health Group

If you would like to offer Kombucha 2000 at your business,
please contact us for wholesale purchasing information.

Kombucha 2000 is the highest quality, best tasting, healthiest, freshest, most potent, 100% organic bottled Kombucha available. Buy direct from the distributor. Freshly brewed and delivered to you within 3 days of bottling in UV blocking dark bottles, not sitting in a store warehouse for weeks. Brewed with pure organic crystal cane juice and purified water. Choose from 6 Fabulous Flavors.

Featuring  Organic Fruit Flavors Made with Pure Organic Fruit Juices

Kombucha 2000
                  Available in 6 Delicious Flavors Original, Grape, E3
                  LIVE, Blueberry, Hemp, Ginger

Minimum Order: 1 Case of 24 x 12 oz. Bottles
(May Be Assorted Flavors
(You May Mix or Match Any Assortment of Flavors Per Case, Try Them ALL!)

Please Call (800) 701-9364 to Order 

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