Kombucha 2000 - Retail Price List
Freshly Bottled Kombucha Drinks

Delivered FRESH to You,
NOT Stored in a Warehouse.
*Free Home or Office Delivery to
L.A., Orange & San Diego Counties

Attn: Kombucha Lovers!
Having trouble finding bottled Kombucha in stores?
Want to have the best bottled Kombucha there is?

We provide the highest quality, best tasting, healthiest, freshest, most potent, 100% organic bottled Kombucha available. Buy direct from the distributor. Freshly brewed and delivered to you within 3 days of bottling in U-V blocking dark bottles, not sitting in a store warehouse for weeks. Brewed with pure organic crystal cane juice and purified water. Choose from over 20 Fabulous Flavors.

• Apple Brew  • Apricot Brew  • Blueberry Brew  • Cranberry Brew  • Cherry Brew  • E3 Live Brew
• Ginger Brew  • Grape Brew  • Grapefruit Brew  • Lemonade Brew  • Mango Brew  • Noni Brew
• Orange Brew  • Original Brew  • Papaya Brew  • Peach Brew  • Pear Brew  • Pomegranate Brew 
• Raspberry Brew  • Strawberry Brew • Hemp Brew

Home or Office Delivery (Days or Evenings) to most of L.A., Orange and San Diego Counties.
*No Delivery Charges. (Depending on proximity to the 405 or 5 Fwys.)

Case of 24 x 12 oz. Bottles - $105.00
*Free Home or Office Delivery if you live near the 405 or 5 Fwys.

(You May Mix or Match Any Assortment of Flavors Per Case, Try Them ALL!)

Please Call (800) 701-9364 to Order 
and we will quote your exact charges.

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