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Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass vs Wheat Grass Juice

Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass
"Nature’s Most Nutritious Food"

 Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass is an all natural whole food which contains all the nutrients needed by humans and animals – In an easily absorbable and assimilable  form.

What is the difference between wheat grass as a whole food in a dehydrated  form or as a juice sold in juice bars or made at home?

   Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass is grown outdoors in wheat fields for approximately six months, receiving all the energizing effects of the sun, rain and the outdoor environment while the roots grow deep into the earth and extract valuable minerals and other nutrients from the rich organic soil. The wheat grass leaves are cut at the peak nutritional period of their growing stage and then dehydrated below 100º, so all the vital nutrients remain intact. The organic dehydrated wheat grass is classified as a “living food”.

   The wheat grass used for the juice in juice bars is grown indoors for approximately one week and the short roots grow in an artificial soil mixture in a tray that is only about one inch deep.

   Wheat grass juice if taken fresh is a very good liver detoxifier and blood builder, but is not as powerful nutritionally as the organic dehydrated wheat grass. Organic dehydrated wheat grass tastes great and is easy to mix in juices, smoothies or sprinkled on top  of fruit bowls or other foods.
What are the benefits of taking organic dehydrated wheat  grass on a regular basis?

   Since organic dehydrated wheat grass is nature’s most complete food, you get all the nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, phytochemicals and essential fatty acids that you need on a daily basis.

   Because organic dehydrated wheat grass is a living food, all the nutrients are quickly and completely absorbed into your bloodstream and system. On the other hand, if you take vitamin & mineral supplements to try to obtain nutrients, they are not absorbed or assimilated well into the bloodstream because supplements are generally manufactured and synthetic or if even natural, are not in a whole form.

Organic Dehydrated Wheat Grass Is...
   • Organic and Natural
   • A Rejuvenizer
   • Chemical Free
   • A Blood Alkalizer
   • An Energizer
   • An Anti-Oxidant
   • A Mild Internal Cleanser
   • An Immune System Booster

How do I take organic dehydrated wheat grass?

   Take at least one teaspoon of organic dehydrated wheat grass daily in the juice of your choice or in a smoothie before or between meals.  To get even more nutrition, take three or four teaspoons daily.
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